What is Clinical Conditioning & Pilates

Sp2 Kinetics™ offers movement classes taught by physiotherapists.

Sp2 Kinetics™ has refined traditional Pilates instruction coupling the knowledge and expertise of physiotherapy with exercise science & rehabilitation.  We provide a safe, effective exercise solution.
Regardless of your starting point-classes and programs are ideal for fitness enthusiasts, individuals recovering from injury, post-surgical orthopaedic rehab, pregnancy including post pregnancy exercise concerns or anyone seeking intelligent exercise to achieve or maintain a healthier life. Our youngest client is 8 and our eldest class participant is 89!

Did you know...

For a muscle to strengthen, 6-8 weeks of specific exercise is necessary.
3 months of specific exercise conditioning is needed to reinforce our nerve to muscle memory & 10 000 exercise specific repetitions are required to encourage any new muscular habit or motor program for our movement

Getting started

Getting started in Clinical Conditioning & Pilates at Sp2 Kinetics™ is simple.
We provide an introductory package of your first 3 appointments
Each session will be 60 minutes
Are private one-to-one consultations
Value packaged at $275.00.

Your Initial Physiotherapy Consultation with Sp2 Kinetics™ establishes precisely what your individual body requires. You undergo, an analysis of posture, movement abilities and any specific joint or muscle physiotherapeutic test that may be indicated. This is the perfect time to discuss and establish your goals while considering your health history and specific injury prescription with programming. As everyone has different needs, this is an important step in your personal program.

You then participate in 2 subsequent sessions to learn your exercise programming and to apply essential principles to each exercise.  We emphasise concentration and control, bringing awareness to your movement, exercise goals, injury recovery and prevention. Upon completion, together we will decide the best possible direction for your Clinical Conditioning & Pilates instruction in Private class or Group.

Shonna Bogden
Registered Physiotherapist
Principal Pilates Educator


With over 27 years experience in the health & fitness industry and 20 years practicing physiotherapy

Canadian-born and educated, Shonna, is a physiotherapy graduate from the University of Toronto, Canada (1999) with an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics, Applied Movement Science, from the University of Windsor, Canada (1996). Shonna believes in the power of physical medicine to address a variety musculoskeletal injuries and post surgical conditions. She uses combined techniques of manual physiotherapy, functional exercise and the Pilates method to restore and re-condition your body.

Jessica Solberg
Clinical Pilates Educator


With over 14 years experience working in private physiotherapy practice, treating a variety of sports injuries, musculoskeletal injuries and post surgical conditions

Jess is passionate about using the Pilates-method to restore strength, balance and control back to the body. Jess teaches small group exercises sessions at Sp2 Kinetics, tailored to needs and goal of each individual

Cathy MacKay
Clinical Pilates Educator


Sp2 Kinetics™ promotes health and fitness learning through movement & performance

From gentle, rehabilitative exercises to incredible physical challenges

You do not need to be injured to access the expert knowledge, hands on skills and professional experience of physiotherapy to improve how you feel and move. The studio offers solutions to suit your every health need.

If you are recovering from injury, managing ongoing pain, are pregnant or a new mum, or have specific needs including athletes with a desire to gain a competitive edge… and everyone in between, including parents struggling with their teenager's posture- then Sp2 Kinetics™ is the solution. You will experience a remarkable transformation in your body, health and wellbeing.

Our aim is to increase your health and fitness, aid in injury recovery and provide the most effective exercise programs and results. We are located in Hillsdale, 12km south of the Sydney’s CBD, specialising in one-to-one personal Pilates, small group equipment, reformer or mat instruction and hands on physiotherapy.