Pilates and expecting mothers… things that you need to know


So it’s confirmed!! Your exciting future awaits: the glow of pregnancy and preparing to give birth to your child. It’s time to reward yourself with a gift that will help you transition into your new body and accept the way it looks and feels.

You’ve probably heard other mums mention their Pilates class, but what exactly is it?

Imagine the right mix of movement to stretch and strengthen your arms, legs and lift your butt, with a targeted approach to your trunk- specifically your abdominals, pelvis and back. Named after physical trainer Joseph Pilates, this repertoire of over 500 exercises was introduced as early as the 1920s in the USA and has steadily gained in popularity with yummy mummies everywhere!
Classes are typically ‘mat’ or ‘reformer’ and offer a variety of exercises that are well suited to your ever changing pregnant body and its reshaping postpartum. Pregnancy and childbirth have a major impact on a woman’s body. You may experience the following symptoms, shortness of breath, varicose veins, postural changes, joint pain, back pain, pelvic pain, carpal tunnel. Your abdominals will take a blow – including separation (diastasis recti) and urinary incontinence is possible with a weakened pelvic floor. But there is nothing to be alarmed about. There are preventative measures to ensure the health of you and your baby pre and post birth.


So why is Pilates at Sp2 Kinetics™ better than anything else to help build the strength soon-to-be-mothers need?


Pilates is a world renowned combination of highly targeted sequenced movements and is incredibly modifiable, with plenty of benefits:

Firstly it minimizes the physical effects of pregnancy. Pilates is aimed at working your core muscles, meaning that your body will tone and strengthen particularly around the abs, pelvic floor, hips, buttocks and lower back. Within this safe environment at Sp2 Kinetics™ we will build strength to prepare you for the delivery and new challenges related to lifting and carrying your new bub on arrival. Should an injury arise we will manage and rehabilitate. Through better awareness of your posture, Pilates will help you to relieve pressure on your changing body. Learn to adjust to your new center of gravity as your belly continues to grow using Pilates specific stretching and strengthening. Pilates will also minimize stiffness and tension throughout your pelvis, and reduce upper and lower back pain, tension and stiffness. The strength you gain through Pilates will improve your outcome for postpartum recovery, and you can say goodbye to your fatigued and flabby figure and hello to feeling and looking your amazing!

Exercise safely during pregnancy

Pregnancy specific Pilates classes are available at Sp2 Kinetics™ and it is advised that women should begin to attend as soon as they are aware of their pregnancy. Specialised classes have been developed to prevent any potential risk to you and your baby with exercise. Throughout your pregnancy, exercises will be adapted and will be specifically modified to ensure your health and the health of your baby. By the 14th week, pregnant women should be participating solely in pregnancy specific small group classes, training 1:1 with a trainer, or working with a Pilates based physiotherapist to guide their changing Pilates routine. It comes down to a collaborative decision between what your body and baby are telling you and Shonna, your Pilates based physiotherapist.  Depending on your comfort you may continue with Pilates either in a small group or personal one-to-one classes up until your due date.  During any visit to our studio or class that you attend, feel free to discuss your specific concerns with Shonna.

To ensure your body is feeling its best and ready for delivery and then recovery, Sp2 Kinetics™ encourages you to keep regular communication with your doctor.

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Ideal for everybody

Benefits of Physiotherapy

At Sp2 Kinetics™ we treat all musculoskeletal injuries from acute to the particularly the stubborn, chronic & complex conditions. A thorough assessment leads to a clear diagnosis and plan for your individual treatment. Our approach is hands-on with manual therapy techniques to help get you moving. Education and movement training is integral to our practice philosophy- not only do we get you moving, we aim to keep you moving!

Fully equipped studio

Sp2 Kinetics™ offers quality equipment, professional expertise, individual attention and understands how your quality of life is affected by how well you can (or cannot) move your body.

What is Clinical Conditioning & Pilates, is it right for me?

Our Clinical Conditioning & Pilates combines evidenced-based clinical reasoning of Physiotherapy rehab principles with contemporary Pilates based instruction enabling individuals to achieve long term outcomes. We target specific impairments, address imbalance within your body, formulate goals, and progress according to your rate of injury recovery and level of exercise abilities. Our result is an effective, wholistic body conditioning workout.

Beginner or experienced

Sp2 Kinetics™ specialises in the assessment & treatment of neck, back, all joint & postural problems and provides expert programming for all your health & wellness concerns. We create a welcoming, challenging, yet safe studio environment for the community to experience a range of innovative physiotherapy treatment and diverse exercise programming and advice tailored for you.