Coronavirus/COVID-19 has temporarily suspended our regular services until further notice...

Not all is lost at Sp2 Kinetics™ - We will continue to offer LIVE albeit virtual classes from gentle, rehabilitative exercises to incredibly tough physical challenges to keep you moving

We understand the difficulties facing patients during this period and are doing our best to contribute to social isolation to keep everyone safe. 

Our aim is to keep you moving and provide any advice you seek on your health and wellness, aid in injury recovery and keep people out of pain where possible

As a consequence of COVID-19, and effective April 14th 2020, some private health funds will cover Telehealth consultations by physiotherapists for eligible conditions only. During this uncertain period of time a physician referral would be required for new patients. Currently the eligible conditions include: post orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation, chronic musculoskeletal condition, cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation and pelvic floor muscle training.

Things are changing, so quickly and this homepage will be regularly updated to reflect that. We are all still learning and adapting to an abundance of information. Be patient and stay safe. Respect social distancing and stay home. Should you require advice, do not hesitate to call or text

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Sp2 Kinetics™ aims to create a welcoming, challenging, yet safe studio environment for the community to experience a range of innovative and diverse exercise programming  tailored for you by physiotherapists.  We provide a means of managing your ongoing niggles and pain, whether acute or chronic, and address your physical health.

Fully equipped studio

Sp2 Kinetics™ offers quality equipment, professional expertise, individual attention and understands how your quality of life is affected by how well you can (or cannot) move your body.

What is Pilates, is it right for me?

Pilates is an effective, complete body conditioning workout that will address strength, flexibility, movement, posture, balance & coordination, and burn calories, all at the same time!  In our studio, Pilates exercise is a physiotherapy treatment tool, enabling individuals to achieve long term outcomes targeted at specific impairments, client-centered goals, and is progressed accordingly.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Sp2 Kinetics™ specialises in the assessment & treatment of neck, back, all joint & postural problems and provides expert programming for all your health & wellness concerns.

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News & articles

Am I destined to be the next Hunchback of Notre Dame…

I am referring to what is medically called the Dowager’s Hump (DH), this term can create a frenzy with images or something similar to the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  As a physiotherapist & Pilates educator, I commonly see clients complaining of neck problems, including pain and stiffness with varying stages of DH. Just the other day a client approached me with troubling neck pain and subsequently asked about her hump- wondering what on earth it was.

Inspirational piece- My dad, his stroke…

This is my dad! I share this heartfelt and personal story as motivation. I hope it inspires all who may have experienced a similar situation with family or friends or perhaps you are trying to win your own battles back to health.