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Sp2 Kinetics™ practices a contemporary
approach to the original Pilates method

Pilates has been around since the 1920s when guru, Joseph Pilates pioneered his specific method and philosophy of health. Like everything else in life, Pilates has changed over the years. Sp2 Kinetics™ has refined the method coupling the knowledge and expertise of physiotherapy with exercise science, to guide and enhance your movement performance.  We provide a safe, effective exercise solution that delivers results.

Our aim is to increase your health and fitness, aid in injury recovery and provide the most effective exercise programs and results. We are located in Hillsdale, 12km south of the Sydney’s CBD, specialising in one-to-one personal Pilates, small group reformer or mat instruction and hands on physiotherapy when required.

Regardless of your starting point-classes and programs are ideal for fitness enthusiasts, individual’s recovering from injury, pregnancy including post pregnancy exercise concerns or anyone seeking intelligent exercise to achieve or maintain a healthier life.

Pilates – Invigorate
& elevate the spirit

Sp2 Kinetics™ teaches the essential Pilates principles- breathing, alignment of the head, neck, rib cage and pelvis and the importance of how our hips and shoulder blades coordinate sequences of movement.

You will learn to apply these essential principles to each exercise with direct improvements in your posture, strength, flexibility, coordination & balance.  We emphasise technique, concentration and control, bringing awareness to your movement.

At Sp2 Kinetics™, your Pilates experience is designed, tailored and progressed using a variety of imaginative, invigorating exercises. Each client is given individual assistance and works at the correct pace for their abilities.  Challenges in your programming, are adjusted appropriately to achieve progress with each and every class that you attend.  We provide small group Pilates classes in mat (7 max) & reformer (6 max) and individual one-to-one studio training.

In group class, you will experience:

  • Whole body focus in each class
  • Modifications for all body types
  • Endless exercise possibilities
  • Individual use of personal equipment
  • Variations in programming with each class
  • Progression is hands on, to optimise your technique

Pilates mat

Pilates mat workouts are performed on an exercise mat with your body constantly working against good old-fashioned gravity.

Our mat classes tone, stretch and work the entire body with the focus on the abdominals. As you become stronger and more familiar with the exercises the intensity and flow increases, making your workouts more challenging. A variety of mat techniques and small equipment, including stability balls, resistance bands, weights, foam rollers and rings, are incorporated to provide innovative Pilates classes designed from beginner through to intermediate and beyond.

Many clients enjoy and specialise in mat workouts from beginner, intermediate and advanced level, although, greater fitness diversity and exercise variety will further enhance your health and wellbeing. Sp2 Kinetics™ welcomes you to mix it up a bit- book into reformer group class, or private class to step up your fitness goals and achievements.

Pilates reformer

The reformer is the classic Pilates workstation, and it is the most popular and well-known piece of Pilates equipment.

With your body positioned on a free-sliding carriage, a reformer is a carefully designed machine that uses a system of straps, ropes, pulleys and springs with immediate benefits in strength, flexibility and balance. Exercises can be performed lying on your back, side, stomach, together with sitting, kneeling, standing, or on your hands and knees.

Sp2 Kinetics™ proudly uses the Allegro® 2 reformer. It is comfortable and easy to use and its design adaptations are capable of revolutionary new movement sequences and unique positioning not provided by conventional reformers.

For all of your reformer-based Pilates classes, you will be guided to obtain the best results out of this amazing piece of studio equipment.

Personal Pilates

This class is an intensive Pilates experience. Individual attention is focused entirely on your specific needs and a customized program produces optimal, tailored results.

Each lesson is unique, challenging and designed for you and your body. In private class, you take advantage of the full range of specialized Pilates equipment, not conducive to group class.

If you are recovering from injury, managing ongoing pain, are pregnant or a new mum, or have specific needs including athletes with a desire to gain a competitive edge… and everyone in between, then you can be confident that individual planning and care goes into establishing each and every personal workout you attend.

Step up your strength, shape and body awareness and demand more from yourself as you progress from absolute beginner to an experienced Pilates practitioner to sculpt and tone your physique.

Shonna Bogden is your principal Pilates educator & registered physiotherapist

With over 27 years experience in the health & fitness industry and 20 years practicing physiotherapy

Shonna Bogden, our principal Pilates educator and registered physiotherapist understands the importance of personalised exercise programs catered for you. Through the use of hands on manual facilitation techniques, specialized Pilates equipment, and physiotherapy, she helps people to achieve their optimal performance through movement and physical health.

Canadian-born and educated, Shonna, is a physiotherapy graduate from the University of Toronto, Canada (1999) with an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics, Applied Movement Science, from the University of Windsor, Canada (1996). In addition to being registered in Australia as a physiotherapist, she maintains professional membership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and the Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA). Shonna has international certification and professional experience as a Pilates educator through Studio Pilates International®, Balanced Body® and STOTT PILATES®. Annual participation in continuing education ensures that Shonna remains at the forefront of knowledge and your exercise experience continues to benefit from the evolving knowledge of industry advancement in physical medicine, rehabilitation and Pilates.

From gentle, rehabilitative exercises to incredible physical challenges

Sp2 Kinetics™ promotes health and fitness learning through movement & performance. You do not need to be injured to access the expert knowledge, hands on skills and professional experience of physiotherapy to improve how you feel and move. The studio offers solutions to suit your every health need.

If you are recovering from injury, managing ongoing pain, are pregnant or a new mum, or have specific needs including athletes with a desire to gain a competitive edge… and everyone in between, including parents struggling with their teenager's posture- then Sp2 Kinetics™ is the solution. You will experience a remarkable transformation in your body, health and wellbeing.

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