Inspirational piece- My dad, his stroke…

This is my dad! I share this heartfelt and personal story as motivation. I hope it inspires all who may have experienced a similar situation with family or friends or perhaps you are trying to win your own battles back to health.

Many of my clients at Sp2Kinetics would be familiar with this man’s journey, including his triumphs both small and large, over the past 10 months. For those who may have not, I’ll start at the beginning.

It all started with a phone call back on the 3rd September 2013. To be honest, it was a conversation I’d wished I would never have to hear. After returning from a wonderfully relaxing holiday, I was quickly brought back to reality. I was on the next flight out and headed straight to the hospital to be by my father and family in Canada.

My dad had suffered a series of significant strokes with paralysis to the entire right side of his body. He was given a grim prognosis that would change his life forever. The thought of never regaining much functional control or even worse that he would never walk again was almost too much. I remained in my childhood home for 4.5 months and joined with my family in dad’s fighting journey for recovery, aiding his daily efforts with rehabilitation. It turns out having a physiotherapist in the family is pretty handy!

Just two weeks ago, I returned to Canada for my brother’s wedding, where he wed the women of his dreams, in a celebration of love and laughter (yay Mike & Abby). Our father’s goal was incredibly to walk with my brother down the aisle on his wedding day and to stand proud with his family in celebration. Congrats dad- you did it and I couldn’t be more proud of you!

I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to the community that came together at Sp2Kinetics, APP and my partner John, for their unwavering support, encouragement and well wishes for dad’s ongoing recovery. A very proud moment indeed for my entire family and one that I am incredibly blessed to share with all of you!

Take home message (yep- there always is a message with a great story)…
Remember that with exercise, determination and true willingness to never give up, you can achieve marvelous outcomes. Our bodies are never too old, frail, damaged or beyond the point of repair to change. With at first baby steps and minor adjustments, larger movements and ultimate progress is inevitable. Quite frankly, anything is possible, set your goals and surround yourself with people that can help you achieve!

Love you Dad

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