Testimonial- back pain be gone!

Starting my reformer pilates journey with Shonna has changed my life. After experiencing lower back pain for 5 years I am now pain free, feel stronger, have better posture and can move with confidence. Imagine a small flame, growing taller and brighter – this is the best way I can describe how Shonna has helped me. I started off just wanting to get out of bed without back pain. I quickly achieved that goal and noticed immediately the impact of reformer classes on my body and daily life…standing straighter, not as much slumping or slouching, taking the load off my lower back. I’ve had heaps of fun learning, and now I feel like I can resume “normal” and have reassessed all my goals!

It is often the best hour of my week

Susan Elliott
Marketing Consultant

The Athlete’s Foot The Galeries Sydney City – Eastgardens – Bankstown

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Ideal for everybody

Benefits of Physiotherapy

At Sp2 Kinetics™ we treat all musculoskeletal injuries from acute to the particularly the stubborn, chronic & complex conditions. A thorough assessment leads to a clear diagnosis and plan for your individual treatment. Our approach is hands-on with manual therapy techniques to help get you moving. Education and movement training is integral to our practice philosophy- not only do we get you moving, we aim to keep you moving!

Fully equipped studio

Sp2 Kinetics™ offers quality equipment, professional expertise, individual attention and understands how your quality of life is affected by how well you can (or cannot) move your body.

What is Clinical Conditioning & Pilates, is it right for me?

Our Clinical Conditioning & Pilates combines evidenced-based clinical reasoning of Physiotherapy rehab principles with contemporary Pilates based instruction enabling individuals to achieve long term outcomes. We target specific impairments, address imbalance within your body, formulate goals, and progress according to your rate of injury recovery and level of exercise abilities. Our result is an effective, wholistic body conditioning workout.

Beginner or experienced

Sp2 Kinetics™ specialises in the assessment & treatment of neck, back, all joint & postural problems and provides expert programming for all your health & wellness concerns. We create a welcoming, challenging, yet safe studio environment for the community to experience a range of innovative physiotherapy treatment and diverse exercise programming and advice tailored for you.