Testimonial – ‘I can’t get enough… … the classes are a blast’

I have suffered back problems over the last 20 years and have been very diligent in trying to a counter these problems with exercise.  However it wasn’t until 2 years ago when I came to Shonna for physiotherapy and she recommended me to do the Pilates classes that I have finally found an exercise class that has actually helped.  After years of exercising without proper instruction, to have someone with such a great anatomical understanding to monitor me as I exercise is invaluable.  She has a fantastic ability to tailor the exercise for your individual needs and to continually build on your strength and ability – without you even knowing it! In the last 2 years Shonna has corrected bad postural habits I have developed due to years of back problems and inappropriate exercises, and has taught me to use the right muscles to prevent further flare-ups.  I have developed core strength that I didn’t know existed (or was even possible to attain after having 2 kids) and my back and posture has never been better.

Shonna is a highly positive and motivated instructor.  I now go 3 times a week and I can’t get enough.  Her classes are never the same and her enthusiasm never wanes.  Not only have I never felt stronger, the classes are a blast and I always look forward to the next one!

Heidi Cartwright
Senior Research Assistant

Neuroscience Research Australia

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Beginner or experienced

Sp2 Kinetics™ aims to create a welcoming, challenging, yet safe studio environment for the community to experience a range of innovative and diverse exercise programming  tailored for you by physiotherapists.  We provide a means of managing your ongoing niggles and pain, whether acute or chronic, and address your physical health.

Fully equipped studio

Sp2 Kinetics™ offers quality equipment, professional expertise, individual attention and understands how your quality of life is affected by how well you can (or cannot) move your body.

What is Pilates, is it right for me?

Pilates is an effective, complete body conditioning workout that will address strength, flexibility, movement, posture, balance & coordination, and burn calories, all at the same time!  In our studio, Pilates exercise is a physiotherapy treatment tool, enabling individuals to achieve long term outcomes targeted at specific impairments, client-centered goals, and is progressed accordingly.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Sp2 Kinetics™ specialises in the assessment & treatment of neck, back, all joint & postural problems and provides expert programming for all your health & wellness concerns.